Poetry Portfolio!

I found my poetry portfolio from my first year of university! I thought I had lost it forever when my hard drive died in 2010. Turns out I had it saved on my student drive at school! Yay! anyway, here is my favourite poem that I wrote that year. I might use it this semester for a book I have to do.



Stop that, Coyote!

Hee Hee Hee, Says Coyote

Better apologize, Coyote

Better pay attention, Coyote


Forget about where Coyotes’ live

Forget about Sky Coyotes’ too


Old Coyote and his pretty good tricks

First Woman is working hard

Building the world


Coyote is up to his pretty good tricks

Thinks he’s funny he does


Maybe I can help

Coyote says

Lets have food!


Straighten up, Coyote

Stop messing about, Coyote


Can we dance?

Can I sing?

Says Coyote


Remember what happened last time, Coyote

Better not start that again


Uh-oh, here we go again

Stop that dancing, Coyote

Stop that singing!


Got to straighten it out again

Got to fix up the world


Better apologize, Coyote

Better pay attention, Coyote

Got to fix this mess.