Poetry Portfolio!

I found my poetry portfolio from my first year of university! I thought I had lost it forever when my hard drive died in 2010. Turns out I had it saved on my student drive at school! Yay! anyway, here is my favourite poem that I wrote that year. I might use it this semester for a book I have to do.



Stop that, Coyote!

Hee Hee Hee, Says Coyote

Better apologize, Coyote

Better pay attention, Coyote


Forget about where Coyotes’ live

Forget about Sky Coyotes’ too


Old Coyote and his pretty good tricks

First Woman is working hard

Building the world


Coyote is up to his pretty good tricks

Thinks he’s funny he does


Maybe I can help

Coyote says

Lets have food!


Straighten up, Coyote

Stop messing about, Coyote


Can we dance?

Can I sing?

Says Coyote


Remember what happened last time, Coyote

Better not start that again


Uh-oh, here we go again

Stop that dancing, Coyote

Stop that singing!


Got to straighten it out again

Got to fix up the world


Better apologize, Coyote

Better pay attention, Coyote

Got to fix this mess.


Fergus the Dog

I have been sick all week so far. And I’m getting really tired of being cooped up at home. And I get whiny and miss my dogs back home at mom and dads when I’m sick.
So today, Kate let me steal Fergus for a few hours. We went for a long very slow (hard to walk fast when your sick) walk down at Discovery Ridge which is my favorite place in Calgary to go for walks. So beautiful down there.
Anyway, it totally made my day. Kate and Fergus are awesome (Nate is pretty awesome too for putting up with me stealing his dog when he’s home).



So since I’m hoping to write this book for my friend about a squirrel getting ready for christmas/winter, I’ve been doing a little bit of research about Squirrels: AKA: Last night I read the wiki on American Red Squirrels.

So last night I read this on Wiki, and it kinda creeped me out a bit:

The hind limbs are generally longer than the fore limbs, and they have four or five toes on each foot. Their paws on their fore feet include a thumb, although this is often poorly developed. –WIKIPEDIA

Squirrels sort of have opposable thumbs!?!?! No wonder they’re taking over our cities!

Normal little American Red Squirrels are cute. My mom usually has a few in her backyard during the year. Last year we had a pair nest in the big spruce tree in our backyard and raise their babies. So we had like 5 squirrels running around the yard all year. This year I think we only had 1 or 2. They are kind of annoying because they make a bit of a mess under the bird feeder, but they’re still pretty cute.

We have two decks, one on the main level, and then one off the master bedroom on the upper floor, and they are connected with stairs. So my Mom puts peanuts out on the stairs for them a couple of times a week, and then they sit there and eat them/cart them off to stash, while my Mom sits out there and eats breakfast. They chatter at her the whole time. 

They run along the railing of the deck to the big bird feeder and jump into it and sit there and eat and chatter, its pretty cute. 

The squirrels we have in Calgary, not quite so cute. They’re twice the size, black and scraggly and not as friendly looking. I know we have pictures of the squirrels at my Mom’s house so I’ll have to find them and post some.

And heres an obligatory google images pic of a red squirrel, just you know, for kicks 😀


If you click on the picture it should take you to the WAZA site where I borrowed the picture from 🙂