Night Photography Attempt


So I took this out the back of my best friends house near Sylvan Lake. First attempt at night photography really. There was some really good lightning strikes that night, but of course, I never caught any.

I was thinking lately, you know, maybe I don’t need to upgrade my camera body, maybe what I have is ok. And it probably is ok, for 80% of what I do. For night photography… Not so much.

This is a 5 minute exposure on bulb mode. After I close the shutter on a 5 minute exposure… It takes a good 10-15 minutes to process before it shows up as viewable, and before I can do anything else with my camera… I can understand there is a lot to deal with on a 5 minute exposure, but 10-15 minutes between shots is a lot of time for me to stand there missing awesome lighting strikes or aurora.

So… I will need to upgrade my camera body at some point. When that will happen, who knows. Right now the only guarantee is that I will do it when I grad from school and get my first tax return with awesome Education credit on it. But… that’s at least spring 2015. That is a long way off. So. Who knows, maybe if I can swing it, I will try to do it this Christmas when we get our bonuses at work. IF I can afford it then. Being on a student budget sucks when you have expensive hobbies. On the plus side, after this body upgrade, I shouldn’t need to upgrade bodies again for a good 10-15 years.

So anyway, just thought I’d throw this up for people to look at, since I haven’t posting much lately.



10 thoughts on “Night Photography Attempt

  1. For sure this click deserves aplaudes… as far as upgrading of camera body goes…… i think u can afford to wait a bit till camera processes it and till u get ur tax returns…… wish u all the best

    • Thanks 🙂 I probably will end up waiting, because then I’ll be able to get what I really want and will last me a very very long time.

      • I waited 5 years before getting my Canon 550D…… but i guess all these years i was trying to understand how it works…. and anyways in photography…. u cannot be impatient….

      • Yeah, there is definitely still tons of learning for me to do with the body I have, which is an older Rebel XT, so in the meantime, I’m not lacking really. Other than the frustrating processing time for long exposures.

      • i do agree….. when you keep ur aperture open for a long ur processor will take that much longer time…. why dont u try some other tricks like playing with depth o field that’s my Favorite , i wish i could show some of my pix but they are there on fb not on word press….. i really don’t know ur expertise…. am a beginner and just suggesting you!!!!

      • I think I qualify myself as a beginner as well, although some of my friends think I’m better than beginner. This night stuff is new to me. I’ve played around with aperture quite a bit in my other photography. Night photography is a bit tricky with that kind of stuff apparently. I need to do some more research and reading I think.
        I usually do more portrait style, family pictures and stuff, so landscapes and nature is definitely beginner level for me.

      • Portrait is i guess is much more difficult as you have to make people show the emotion you want and of course you wouldn’t want people giggling around all the time. Nature photography i feel is about timing. Though i am yet to try my hand on portraits.

      • I tried to interact with nature recently when i went on a trek in a jungle. I did got few nice shots but also got sucked by leeches…. he he…… for everything there is price to pay…. 😉 Night photography i thought of but not tried yet, but it keeps attracting me. your pic has certainly made me more egar to try my hands on it

      • There is definitely a lot of sacrifice to get the right shot in photography! Night photography is fun, but it can definitely be a little bit scary! You’re sitting out in the dark in the middle of a natural area, it can be a little bit unnerving. I don’t think I would ever go out completely by myself.

      • that’s true……. specially coz u cannot have any of excess light if you r trying to keep ur shutter open for longer time…….. of-course it will spoil the efforts. As far as night photography in natural area like jungle is concern its always advisable to make a buddy. While choosing buddy we should keep in mind that he/she should be interested in what you r doing….. else it will become pain to bear him….. More than two of you….. no question….. fun of photography will be lost and it will end up as night out…

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